by Jean Painter, L..Ac., Dp.,OM, CH, Ac

This question is one I hear on a daily basis. Most everyone has heard of acupuncture; some have enjoyed its benefits of relief; others have literally had their lives and health returned to them by this method of Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM). Like the 86-year-old bedridden diabetic patient referred to me last September with the pain and paralysis of diabetic neuropathy.

Her MD’s had sent her home with powerful pain medications and sedatives because they had no other tools to help her. Today she is pain free, enjoys a daily walk around her block, and is traveling again to visit family and friends.

But, most of our patients’ conditions are more the routine aches and aggravations of daily

life. For instance:


Back and joint pain

Digestive and Elimination Problems

High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol

Women’s (Young & Mature)

Health Issues

Allergies, Asthma, Flu and Colds

Weight Loss and Addictions


Men’s Health Issues (BPH) (ED)

Neurological Disorders

Poor Memory



The list goes on to include early stage injuries or respiratory or digestive “bugs” and long- standing chronic conditions that either do not improve substantially with conventional treatment, or the side- effects of conventional pharmaceuticals are undesirable.

I am always happy to answer the question:

Will TCM treat___________?

by Jean Painter, L..Ac., Dp.,OM, CH, Ac

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