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Harmony Integrative Medicine provides advanced acupuncture and herbal medicines using the treatment model practiced in China. This model allows us to offer this medicine to the whole community with significantly reduced fees.

While most acupuncturists in the US see only one patient per hour, once per week, our model at Harmony is much the same as is practiced in China. We administer acupuncture therapy for several days in a row, as needed, until symptoms have been alleviated. In this way, significant relief and stability is reached in 1-3 weeks rather than the 10-20 weeks or more it can take to achieve results with the once-per-week approach.


For in-office treatments: The first appointment is $130 ($65 examination/consultation and $65 treatment). Subsequent treatments are $65. One course of treatment is generally 10 individual sessions.
Please call for more information about in-home treatments.


We will complete an extensive medical history, examination, and report of findings during your initial appointment.  We may follow this exam immediately with an acupuncture treatment, or schedule the treatment for the following day.  Acupuncture treatments generally last 40-60 minutes.  Most patients report a sense of deep relaxation and well being; some even fall asleep during treatment.


Please complete these documents as thoroughly as possible. While some of the conditions may seem unrelated to your condition, they could play a significant role in the diagnosis and treatment.  All information is strictly confidential.  PLEASE NOTE:  WE ARE A FRAGRANCE FREE OFFICE. Thank you.

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If you have an appointment and need directions, please call!

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